The Features

Password Protected Online Shop

Sell your product to your customers without your competitors seeing your prices. Your customers can place orders and view new products at their convenience.

Minimum Order Amount

Have a minimum order amount? Shop Mississippi Made has you covered. You can set a global and individual amounts for your stores.

Free Website Hosting

Shop Mississippi Made provides free website hosting so your customers can shop your products on your own domain.

Group Products by Category

Have a hundred different products? No worries, you can group your products any way you want. Blue, Green, Necklaces, Bowls, it's up to you.

Store Manager

Add and remove stores to your account. You can easily choose who can shop and who can't.

Report Generator

See how things have been the last year. Learn when stores are shopping and when to release new products.

Order Manager

Have a centralized location for all the orders you've ever taken. With our order manager you'll be able to tag and filter orders.